That the Royal Palace was built in 1781 by the Austrian Governors Marie-Christine and Karel. In his memoires, Karel wrote that, with Laken, he had found the most beautiful piece of land in the vicinity of Brussels. The name ‘Laken’ comes from the Germanic word Lache, meaning pond.

That the Royal Domain is 187ha. That corresponds to 279 football pitches or 14 times the size of Warande Park and it is bigger than Koekelberg or Saint Josse.

That several members of the Royal Family live on the domain. King Filip and Queen Mathilde in the Palais of Laken, King Albert and Queen Paola in the Castle Belvedère and Princesse Astric and Archeduke Lorenz in Domain Stuyvenberg.

That the domain has a real train station. It hasn’t been used for decades but could gain a new life as part of the Regional Express Net (GEN) as stop for Park National. Leopold II had the station built but he died before the work was finished and his successor, Albert I, decommissioned the works.

That a part of the Royal Greenhouses, built between 1874 and 1902, are never open to the public. There is a subtropical swimmingpool within the greenhouses.

That the Domain of Laken is owned by the Royal Donation. A public institution of the state, hence public property.

That the Dudenpark in Forest, the Elisabeth Park in Koekelberg and the Chinese Pavilion are also property of the Royal Donation and open to the public?

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