In a New Years’ speech five years ago, you were talking about walls. You said ‘that we shall not regain people’s trust by turning back time or building walls, but by taking concrete actions to meet the challenges that our country and the world face today.”

I therefore write to you concerning a wall that you can easily bring down. The Royal Domain of Laken, as you know very well, is situated in the centre of our city, yet closed off from the neighboring quarters with … a wall.

What if we would tear down that wall and open the Royal Domain, or at least a part of it, to all Bruxellois? That would in any case meet some of the challenges for our city. Brussels needs more places where you can find some peace, take a walk, practice sports (jogging for example) or play. The densly populated residential areas around the canal grow bigger and bigger each year, it is therefore increasingly important that we increase the amount of green spaces available.

Opening up your personal garden could give an incredible boost to our city. A new meeting place, where residents and visitors together can enjoy all what makes parcs so great. I can already image what it would be like: taking a stroll through the greenery, seeking refreshment in one of the ponds on a sunny day, a match of soccer with friends and an icecream to finish in beauty.

And once a year, we organise a large neighborhood party with you as guest of honour. Or we celebrate Bal National in your backgarden! I see this as an historical opportunity to bring the Royal Family closer to the people. An enormous present to all Bruxellois.

Brussels needs positive stories: we must again encourage people to dream, make them believe in the potential of our city. And where better to do such thing than laying in the grass, looking at the sky in a beautiful parc?

Thus, Sire, help us bring down the wall around the Royal Domain.
Build parks, not walls.

Your faithfull subject,

Hannelore Goeman, Vlaams Parlementslid voor Brussel

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